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Start your hoop journey and put a spin on your yoga practice!

Foundational Practice Series
Five Downloadable Videos Taking You On A Full-Body Transformational Fitness Journey


Are you ready to:

  • Calm your mind
  • Get your sexy back
  • Define your waistline
  • Discover the power of the hoop
  • Move from true strength and authenticity
  • Increase your energy and feel more balanced
  • Have more gratitude and appreciation for life
  • Improve your ability to manifest and create the life of your dreams
  • Become hoopadextrous – move and hoop in both directions not just your dominant direction

"Before I started HoopYogini, I wore a corset every day to 'minimize' my belly. Now, I'm losing inches, toning and the corset is long gone. I feel like a hula hoop goddess - more confident, feminine and sexy in my body. I'm beyond satisfied with the results that I'm getting."

Venetria Nya Benitez, Associate Producer at Williamsburg International Film Fest

hula hooping + hatha yoga + mindfulness meditation + freeform dance

HoopYogini is fun, feel good fitness that you’ll want to do


What You’ll Learn

18 Total Moves – whole body, integrative, therapeutic, accessible, challenging and of course, FUN
12 Off Body Postures – strength and flexibility moves and asanas (yoga postures) that you do with the hoop held in the hands similar to a yoga strap or fitness ball

6 Dynamic On Body Waist Hooping Postures – heat building, core strengtheners that massage your torso and define your waistline

2 Guided Dance/Free Form Movement Invitations – the integration of each move into a flowing, “unique to you dance” that will impress your friends and simultaneously help you lose and find yourself within the center of your personal universe

“I love From the Core! What a great workout!”
Genevieve Mac, Certified Instructor, Founder of Warrior Woman Wellness

This video series includes:

Spinal Awakening Series (SAS)

Our internationally acclaimed and Doctor Approved standing, six posture vinyasa that takes you on a journey to the center of your being and brings your spine to its full range of motion. In this holistic warm-up that is also a stand-alone full body workout, you utilize the hoop in your hands held similarly to a yoga strap, fitness ball or balance tool. (No on-body waist hooping in this vinyasa!) A focus on the primary HoopYogini posture – Centered Pose – matched with two transformational breath practices – Three Part Breath (Durga Pranayam) and Victorious Breath (Ujjayi Pranayam) – provide a surprisingly powerful workout and the foundation to go deeper into more intermediate HoopYogini moves.

  • improve your posture
  • develop a toned, flexible and strong back
  • sculpt your arms and waistline
  • remove tension from the neck, shoulders and lower back
  • massage your internal organs with twists and range of motion exercises
  • integrate intention and gratitude setting into your workouts
  • connect with and “clear” your energy field
  • find yourself rooted in the center of your self

From The Core (FTC)

Now that you’re nimble and an expert at cultivating Centered Pose, it is time for you to maintain your inner still point whilst moving the hoop dynamically on your waist. This heat building, calorie blasting workout, teaches you how to hula hoop on your waist like a HoopYogini and adds layered instruction to ensure that your core is engaged and your inner fire and passion ignited.  A focus is on brain hemispheric integration, breathwork, asana and arm postures.  From The Core provides an accessible and stimulating challenge for all levels of hoopers and yogis. There are six moves and sequences in this video including Wing Span Hug, Dream Pull Vinyasa, Pele Goddess Flow and more.

  • tone your arms, legs, core and back
  • burn 100 calories for every 10 minutes of practice
  • receive a 360degree massage to your core with the hoop
  • hoop in both directions and become hoopadextrous
  • activate your inner fire, inner vision and inner wisdom
  • sweat and detox
  • build resilience and strengthen your will
  • improve coordination and brain hemispheric communication

Integrative Cool Down (ICD)

This six posture standing flow integrates the hoop with familiar yoga postures such as Standing Wide Leg Forward Fold, Triangle Pose and more.  Experience inversions and hip openers plus deep and mindful stretches for the lower back and back of the legs (hamstrings). Come full circle in your practice as you return to center and embody all that you learned and discovered during your HoopYogini practice.

  • stretch and relieve tension
  • cool down your body
  • experience the hoop as a balance tool
  • feel expansive and at ease
  • take your insights into your day-to-day life

+ Two Bonus Alchemy and Flow Dance Videos:


Alchemy & Flow –
Spinal Awakening Series & From The Core

Learn how to integrate each move into a flowing dance. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ve learned from your HoopYogini practice!  Alchemy & Flow takes you from moving in a “little hoop circle” to being comfortable taking up more space.  Prompts and invitations support you in walking to dancing, to flowing in grace and freedom.  The topper – this is practice for how you can flow in your life inside and outside of the hoop – from your center, in the moment, relaxed and in flow.  Learn additional new moves that expand your movement repertoire and are beautiful additions to the those explored in the HoopYogini Foundational Practice Bundle.

  • feel confident
  • dance with grace
  • explore transitions between movements
  • let your breath inspire and guide you
  • relax into the unknown
  • move from your center and notice when you’re not in your center
  • discover how your practice is reflected into your life

Your Next Steps

What you'll need:

  • A device for playing your videos
  • 15 minutes – 90 minutes for your practice
  • An adult size hoop (hoop spec details come with your course)
  • Floor Space – a minimum of 8×8 sq feet per practitioner

How it works

  • Purchase the bundle
  • Check your email for your login details and password
  • Go to the members area on the website and login
  • Access your course - Foundational Practice Bundle
  • Read the welcome page
  • Watch from your current device or download your videos to your laptop or pc
  • Transfer videos to your phone or tablet if you wish to watch them on smaller devices
  • Create time for your practice and do it!


There are multiple ways to utilize and experience this Foundational Practice Bundle. Create your own practice matrix!

Move and groove with all five videos in one practice session (appox 90 min practice) OR mix and max sessions.  For instance, do the SAS with the ICD for a yoga style stretch without hooping on the waist. Or, practice SAS with FTC to improve your posture and range of motion, build heat in the body, super charge your core and become a masterful hooper. Only have 45 minutes and really want to get your dance on? Do SAS with the SAS Alchemy & Flow to feel strong and flexible as well as creative, free and connected with your feminine power. Whatever your flow, we recommend that you always start with the Spinal Awakening Series as your warm-up and powerful anchor to present moment awareness.

Which Kind of HoopYogini Are You?


New To Hooping?:

No worries! This practice merges clear instruction with intelligent sequencing and layered movement. Your brain and body will be encouraged to coordinate and synchronize so you can experience hula hooping success!

Experienced Hooper?:

As a HoopYogini, you'll go deep - into your body and to the center of your being - and be challenged through multi-layered instruction that emphasizes present moment awareness, steady breath and balanced movement. This means no more "cheating" and sloppy pushes. No more hooping in one direction and one direction only. No more "Pterodactyl Claws" and awkward transitions. Get ready to experience more creativity and healthy form in your hoop dance and life.

Seasoned Yogini?:

Get off your mat and into your hoop! Stir up your practice by adding a mobile prop that functions as a resistance and balance tool and range of motion assist. The added element of the hoop encourages focus and concentration - foundations on the journey to bliss and peace - spinal flexibility and stability - important for intermediate/advanced yoga asanas, as well as, allowing you to stay comfortable during seated meditation - and, the embodiment of power and play aka sthira and suka (effort and ease). Oh and by the way, yoga with a hoop are the makings of really awesome photos!

The testimonials and benefits listed above are in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult with your physician before beginning this or any exercise program. HoopYogini™, Jocelyn Gordon, LoveMovement Healing Arts, and their partners and agents assume no responsibility for personal injury through the use of this program and associated products. Discontinue any exercise that causes you pain, severe discomfort, nausea, dizziness, or shortness of breath and consult a medical expert. Start slowly and at the level that is appropriate for you. Not all exercise plans are suitable for everyone.

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