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HoopYogini™ Certified Instructor, Pitila Hossmann of Brazil talks about her love of movement and her path to teaching.


How did you discover hooping?

Pitila: I was reintroduced to hula-hoop in 2008 by a friend who was writing her final essay for Dance College, and it was about the using of hula-hoop by adults. She took hula hoops to the beaches of Ipanema and  (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil), she encouraged adults to experience hooping and interviewed them. At that moment I didn’t know about the World community of hula-hoop practitioners, I had no knowledge of Hooping as a social movement or culture. Just a year later, another friend started to organize hoop gatherings and to talk about creating a hooping community in Brazil. She is a co-founder of “MovimentoBamBamBam”, which operates in Brazil more or less like the Hooping.org. Since then I started to practice and help in spreading the hooping movement wherever I go.


Share a moment from a time when you were a student.

Pitila:  I understand we are always students in this life. We all have things to learn with each other. When I was taking my first steps on Hoop Dance in 2011 I was living in a new city with no friends yet, so, I used to go to a public park and dance with my hoop. It helped me a lot to improve my skills and also my courage to face the challenges of a new life there. People stopped by to see, to talk and to try my hoops. It became my personal project: make friends and share my love for hula-hoops, in the first place, and also make and sell hoops to the Brazilian Northeast region (where I was living). I’d never had a formal Hoop Dance class. I’ve learned by watching friends who shared tips and from free tutorial videos.


Give us a sense of your background or approach with teaching.

Pitila: I love dancing and I love all body art movements since I understand myself as a being. I started with gymnastics classes at the age of 3 and moved to Jazz Dance about 6 years-old which I followed for 14 years. I performed many presentations and participated in dance competitions for some years, I’d improved my skills whit Classic Ballet and some folkloric Brazilian dance too. When I was close to become a professional dancer I decided to change my path and got into the University to study Economy.

Only when I was about to turn 30 that I decided to get back to dance and also to rescue old dreams such as: to learn acrobatic aerial silk and trapeze, to study Philosophy, to do Yoga, to climb mountains … At that time I had a feeling that I was getting old too fast and if I didn’t do everything I always wanted “now”, I wouldn’t be able to do them much later. 

So, I always loved to dance, move and challenge my body but I have never planned to become a teacher on these things (beside that I am a financial business administration teacher). The opportunities just came to me… I was always helping new students at circus and dance classes and sharing tips that helped me once. It was in 2010 that my Aerial silk teacher at that time offered me to become his assistant and to cover his classes when he went out on performing tours. I took the challenge and just loved it! Only then I started to think about me as a “movement teacher” and to invest on that. The same thing happens with Hooping and Yoga. People saw me hooping and sharing some tips and asked me for regular classes. And just after 2 years of regular yoga practice I was invited to teach in a studio.


What do you love most about teaching?

Pitila:  Teaching is a great pleasure and involves a lot of responsibilities. Today I am a certified and registered yoga teacher, a certified aerial yoga teacher and now a HoopYogini™ Certified Instructor at the Spinal Awakening Series level. 

What I love most about teaching is the possibility of sharing. And it always happens in two ways. We all are students and teachers at some level and some moment. I love to share things that helped me to improve some knowledge or to understand better some subject or point of view. And I love to receive people’s tips, opinion, impression and knowledge. I understand apprenticeship as a collaborative process. Teaching is not about passing on information – we can get all information we want nowadays – it’s about help others to process the information that really matters and make it useful for life. It’s about to make a difference, to provoke a change, to plant a seed. When I am on the position of teaching it’s a great honor and a great responsibility to challenge people to process information. And by information I mean all emotions and rational thinking we generate inward too. As a teacher I am glad to receive not only their feedback but also the opportunity to be exposed to different information and knowledge people bring during discussion or experimentation.


What do you love about hooping and what has it meant for you?

Pitila: Hooping makes me feel free and that’s an amazing feeling! I love to move the way my body wants to move and not the way someone outside expect me to. It’s really crazy because in general we need some level of body coordination and consciousness to hoop, and we love to learn new tricks and to elaborate our Hoop Dance but when I remove the “thinking”, the impulse to control the hoop and the body, that’s when the magic happens to me. What I really love about hooping is to follow my internal music, my body needs, my feelings and the dance happens without previous plan or intention.


What do you love about HoopYogini™

Pitila: I love how grounding it is! The HoopYogini™ practice helped me to improve my meditation practice. I love the way it leads me from a steady to a movement meditation. I love that HoopYogini™ reconnected me to my center, my personal universe, my Being! It is difficult to explain because it’s necessary to feel it. I need to access and process my personal information in order to reconnect with myself and in order to be present. These are not just words, these words really mean something deeply and I’m sure it doesn’t mean the exact same thing to everyone. That’s why HoopYogini™ is really transformational fitness. And “transformation can be fun”!


Share your message, values, and aspirations as a teacher and hooper.

Pitila: Be yourself, love yourself, express yourself. Our world needs diversity, creativity and love. Do not hold back your gifts, we need them! We are together on this path. We are together on the same Hoop of relationships 


Do you have a favorite color? (of the moment)

Pitila: At the moment I am Color-Full! I love the rainbow! 


Pitila HossmanMore about Pitila:

Website: www.bambolearte.wordpress.com (It’s in Portuguese)




Pitila’s Favorite HoopYogini™ Playlist:

HoopYogini Mulher Brasileira – Music to dance (Alchemy and Flow)

HoopYogini Water Flow – That’s for a short Spinal Awakening Series


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