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HoopYogini™ Master Trainer, Rhiannon Cherokee Wynn, of Portland, Oregon talks about the inspiration she finds in teaching. She also shares a three song playlist for HoopYogini™ fun.


Rhiannon-Cherokee-Wynn-HoopYogini-Bio-1Give us an idea of your background in teaching:

Rhiannon: I am the oldest of 5 children and so in some ways, I feel like I have been teaching all my life. However, I have taught a number of things over the years from Spanish to Taekwondo. It has been just over six years that I started teaching a variety of yoga styles and am so thrilled to add HoopYogini™ to my class offerings. Teaching is something I really enjoy and plan to continue doing.



How did you start hooping:

Rhiannon: I got into hooping in 2013 when I was volunteering at BaliSpirit Festival.  I was assigned to work the space where Jocelyn was teaching HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga.  What I witnessed inspired me to connect with this practice and fall in love with it.


Tell us a story from a time when you were a student:

Rhiannon: One of my most memorable experiences being a student was my very first yoga class ever.  I had NO idea what I was getting in to.  It was a heated vinyasa class and I spent most of the time looking around, slightly confused about which body part when where and how did people know the names of all these poses. However, by the end of the class I knew I was hooked.  This was it.  I felt very similarly about my first experience with HoopYogini™.  I saw how much fun people were having, and simply knew I had to be part of that fun!


Share a favorite story from teaching:

Rhiannon: What I love about teaching is the platform to remind students that they have the opportunity to create a practice that means something to them.  That it might not look or feel like it does for anyone else, that, in fact, it can’t, but that it is absolutely perfect.  One of the most complimentary things a student ever related to me was that they experienced my class as a conversation that they had with their bodies.  I LOVED that.


What has hooping meant for you:

Rhiannon: I love how hooping intrinsically and innately embodies movement.  It is truly a practice where the more I remove my “thinking” mind and let my body take over, the easier it becomes. I love the freedom my mind experiences through the physical practice.


What do you love about HoopYogini™:

Rhiannon: HoopYogini™ is such a special format that includes modalities that invite people to really let go and realize how connected they really are.  Also it lends itself to peoples of all skill levels and ages. I’ve seen older students be transformed into young kids again simply by the memory of the hoop on the body or through the releasing of the idea there is any age limit to doing it.


A bit about your message, values, and aspirations as a teacher and hooper:

Rhiannon: A current theme for me, is the breaking down of perceived separation. We are all one. Hula hooping and HoopYogini™ illustrate that in such a beautiful way. The person and the hoop become one and enter into the flow of life together and when it is experienced in a class setting, we are like the swirling universe, spinning and whirling in perfect harmony.


Spontaneous share!
Rhiannon: Life: you can’t do it wrong. Let’s chose to be happy and have fun!


HoopYogini™ Playlist:


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