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HoopYogini™ Practitioner Spotlight: Lauren Boone


Lauren Boone HoopYogini™ Practiicioner Spotlight

When did you begin Hooping?

Lauren: I started hooping this past March at Aura Music Festival. I was there for a bachelorette party. The bride and 3 of the bachelorettes are amazing hoopers and performers. I was lucky enough to have them show me a few tricks and my good friend Lori gave me my first hoop afterwards.


Tell us a bit of your hoop story.

Lauren: I had tried hooping before Aura with no luck. I thought my body just wouldn’t move that way. Once I was taught and learned that it just takes practice, I have been doing it in my free time since.


How has HoopYogini™ changed the way you hoop?

Lauren: HoopYogini™ has helped me believe in myself and has shown me creative ways to move with the hoop. It also has given my practice more of a flowy, dance feel. Also encouraging me to practice for 30 minutes every day has helped too!


What is something that you discovered inside of your hoop that surprised you?

Lauren: Inside of my hoop I discovered self-confidence. I also learned how to use the hoop to help feel centered in a stressful world.


What does HoopYogini™ mean to you?

Lauren: HoopYogini™ brings to me a sense of peace and calm. It lifts my spirit to a higher place where I feel happy, inspired, and confident.


How does the HoopYogini™ experience differ from other disciplines you have trained with?

Lauren: HoopYogini™ doesn’t feel like a discipline. I look forward to my practice each day.


What do you love about your HoopYogini™ Practice?

Lauren: What I love the most about my HoopYogini™ practice is dancing with my hoop and feeling one with myself.


How have your body, your life or your relationships changed since you started Hooping and since you started your HoopYogini™ practice?

Lauren: I have more of a love for my body since I started HoopYogini™. Before HoopYogini™ I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. Now I feel sexy and alive and I love my body no matter what shape it is.


What parts of your body have you found a deeper connection to? How has this connection supported you?

Lauren: I have found a deeper connection to my back. I use my back and waist the most while hooping. Now I feel my back is strong and can support me with whatever activity I choose to do. Also, I have noticed that I pay more attention to the way my back moves, not only during hooping, but also throughout the day, which I feel is important.


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