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Guest Blog by Lori Jacobsen, HoopYogini™ Master Trainer, Performer & Therapeutic Movement Educator.

Lori shares a bit of her journey through a Bi-polar diagnosis and the return to her center, to her Self.

HoopYogini Lori Jacobsen Heart to the SunBefore I started my Hooping or HoopYogini™ practice, I often suffered with anxiety, and other mental health issues.  I was diagnosed Bi-polar and took medications for many years, including Lithium, Lexapro, Celexa, Clonopin, Ambien, and a few more I can’t remember.  I started hooping regularly in 2010 and found that I could function without the medications as long as I exercised regularly.  Hooping was always accessible, so I started doing it all the time.


I met Jocelyn Gordon, creator of HoopYogini™, in 2009 at a Meet Up she organized.  She challenged me at those hoop jams and inspired me.  We reconnected in 2013, when she announced HoopYogini™ and a teacher training in Cincinnati.  I started requesting material and practicing with videos she had made and I loved the way HoopYogini™ made me feel.  I feel so centered, calm, and ready for action after the Spinal Awakening Series.  I know I can always access Centered Pose at anytime.  And I do.  When I feel stressed, I come back to Centered Pose.  If I’m waiting in an especially long line, I can access Centered Pose.  When I walk on a stage to perform, I’ve been preparing myself from Centered Pose.


Since I began my HoopYogini™ practice in 2013, I have started living the life of my dreams.  I have very few moments of anxiety.  I still deal with stresses, but I’m more equipped to handle them.  I am confident in the fact that I can heal and strengthen my body and my mind with the HoopYogini™ practice.  I’ve witnessed in many others and have personally experienced euphoria, pain free movement, emotional release, healing, and so much joy all with the HoopYogini™ programs.


As a teacher, I have confidence in sharing the HoopYogini™ practice.  As a Master Trainer, I truly try to embody and live the practice.  As a performer, I’ve blossomed as a result of HoopYogini™.  I have confidence and it shows.


I can remember freaking out in training because I was being critiqued and was terrified of messing up.  My dark fear was creeping in.  But through the training, I let go of a lot of that.  I was open to hearing ways to improve and be more authentic.  I was challenged and I embraced it, instead of running away.  I completed my certification in 4 months and impressed even myself by doing so.  In the past, I would have procrastinated or done something to sabotage my success.  HoopYogini™ has empowered me to take charge of my life.


To be honest, writing like this and sharing so personally created some anxiety for me.  I have wanted to share more about my experience with HoopYogini™ and that I truly believe that it’s a life changing practice for anyone.


Now I have to learn to say “No”.  I have opened myself up to so many opportunities, and it’s exciting, but I can’t do them all.  Or at least not all at the same time!  When I do say yes to too much, I get overwhelmed, which definitely creates anxiety for me.  My work suffers, I feel more achey and lethargic.  Thankfully, I have can always return to my Center, connect and calm my mind.  From there I can tackle anything.


As a performer, I still get nervous and I tend to sweat a lot as a result.  I think the nerves are normal, since it’s a rush to perform. I have realized though, that it’s extremely helpful for me to get into my Center about 2 minutes before I go on.  I’m less likely to forget my first move, I’m less likely to pee myself (I’m sure there are a few of you who can related) and even if I do drop the hoop or miss a step, my smile doesn’t slip, and I recover with ease.  I’m confident in my body, my performance, my abilities and that what I offer is unique and fun and full of glittery hoopiness.


And when the anxieties do creep in, I remind myself two things: “Worrying is like praying for things you don’t want” and “Life Is Awesome!”

 Do you have an experience with depression and anxiety?

What tools do you have to promote well-being in your day to day life?

Please share in the comment area below


Lori Jacobsen is the Founder of GlitterHoopz  and Co-Founder of Infinite Circles.  As a HoopYogini™ Master Trainer, Lori utilizes her strengths as a former high school History Teacher to adapt the HoopYogini™ curriculum for different communities (kids, elders, etc) and those with special needs. Lori has lost 50 lbs teaching HoopYogini™, she’s in a wonderful relationship and wakes up each morning excited about the day ahead.  


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