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Mentor Student Connections: Meet Tina Joy Craven and Kate Frautschy

hoopyogini online teacher training hula hoop hula hooping hula hoops mentorship yoga teacher training Jan 11, 2021
A mentor acts as a counselor and cheerleader of an individual who is embarking on a path that the mentor has already travelled.
In the HoopYogini Online Yoga Teacher Training (HYOTT),  new enrollees are matched with a certified instructor or Master Trainer. A Master Trainer is a Mentor who has successfully supported three trainees into their certification.
Meet HoopYogini Master Trainer, Tina Joy Craven and teacher in training, Kate Frautschy for a journey into the powerful and empowering mentor student relationship and the beautiful connections developed within the HoopYogini Online Yoga Teacher Training.
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How did you discover hooping?

Tina: I went to a hooping workshop at a music festival in North Carolina. I have been a mover and dancer my entire life, but had never moved like this before! I thought I had moved in all the ways...Nope! 

Kate: I was mesmerized by a gal at a music festival and decided I needed to learn how to flow like that. 9 years later my hoop game got a huge boost with HoopYogini

What do you love about hooping and what has it meant for you?

Tina: I love the exercise. I love the dance. I love the challenge. It is a centering tool that I always have when I am feeling uncentered. I love learning and learning never stops with hoop dance! 

Kate: I love the freedom within the structure of the hoop. I love the flow state that arises from centered pose. I love how the clarity and centeredness that arises within the hoop that extends out into my life. 

What do you love about HoopYogini™?

Tina: HoopYogini has offered me a hoop community where I feel supported, empowered, valued, and loved

Kate: Everything!! The structure, the support, the community, the opportunity for personal transformation in and outside of the hoop. I’m so grateful that I found this program!

What has been a highlight of your relationship with your HoopYogini™ mentor/mentee?

Tina: I have loved making a new HoopYogini friend. It is inspiring to watch her practice and teaching evolve as she moves through the training. Observing how she offers self-compassion throughout the training process is encouraging and reminds me to do the same when I am working towards a goal. She has also encouraged me to keep my HoopYogini practice going even during personally challenging times. 

Kate: She has this amazing gentle way of empowering me to believe in myself, and has provided valuable insight into the training. The support particularly around milestones has been so instrumental!

What have you learned from this relationship?

Tina: I continue to learn how to be encouraging to others. I used to think of myself more as a follower, but this relationship reminds me that I am actually a leader. Being a mentor allows me to feel, see, and experience the value of human connection and service. 

Kate: The quality of the support is far more valuable than the quantity. Having space to figure it out for myself, but an open line of communication to call on when I’m feeling stuck has helped me rely on myself. I’ve really appreciated this relationship and feel that I was perfectly paired. 

How has being a mentor made you a better hooper and teacher?

Tina: It deepens my knowledge of the HoopYogini practice as I review the elements of the training while reviewing my mentees assignments. It also encourages me to keep practicing! 

How has having a mentee helped you complete your certification journey?

Kate: Having someone who has experienced the training, and the insights on the submitted assignments provided valuable feedback to hone my ability to deliver the HoopYogini practice to its utmost potential.

Share your message, values, and aspirations as a teacher and hooper.

Tina: Hooping offers so many benefits in my personal life and when I teach. It gives me the opportunity to lean into my strengths which are curiosity, play, exploration and introspection. These strengths allow me to be more authentic. I get to share my authentic self to the world and this inspires others to do the same! 

Kate: The biggest obstacle you will face is yourself. If you continue to return to your hoop, you have the opportunity to spin those obstacles right out of your way. You are in competition with no one, and your expressions are meant to be shared. Use your tools (like hooping). 

PIMP! (Practical, Intentional, Magical, Present) is a value structure I live by.

I aspire to continue to create safe spaces for individuals to germinate into their full potential by way of  movement, breath, and energy work.


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