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Chakra Clarity Guided Meditations with Jocelyn Gordon

Sound Healing Music by Trillion
Meditations by Jocelyn Gordon
Recorded in Bali
Chakras are hoops - wheels of light and energy that converge where nerve bundles meet. They are multi-dimensional, holistic and provide templates for understanding and actualizing our full experience as souls with human bodies.
The West tends to focus on seven chakras however there are much more. These seven relate to specific elements, sounds and frequencies.
Chakra Clarity contains seven original tracks of dynamic sound healing inspired, meditation music based on the seven chakras below and their related elements.
Each meditation is five minutes:
1 - Root
2 - Sacral
3 - Solar Plexus
4 - Heart (listen to a sample above)
5 - Throat
6 - Third Eye
7 - Crown
Let the instruments and sounds guide you to new places.
Allow the breath and body focused meditation prompts to take you out of the default mind and into a space of clarity and inspiration.
Access to the audio tracks will be emailed to you after purchase.

How to use Chakra Clarity:

If you prefer guided meditations to silent journeys or if you wish to try something new, you can choose from one or all of the seven chakra meditations. Each meditation is five minutes and relates to a chakra and element. They are best explored with your spine on the earth.

Listen to all seven meditations as a way to calm the mind, regulate the body, return to your elemental essence and enter a space gifting insight and clarity.

The full 35 minute Chakra Clarity journey is great for inspiration and problem solving. You may even find that they spark your creativity.

Jocelyn has provided Chakra Clarity experiences for individuals, in workshops and for teacher trainings. She has also helped others write and create inspired meditation journeys. Email to request sessions or to inquire abut event scheduling: [email protected]


What People Are Saying:

Thank you for such powerful mediations. The music/sound tracks you've chosen along with your voice and words "awaken" me. They remind me I do have energy within me to create.

Danielle Hinesly

Anyone else just stay in meditation long after the script? It's just soooooooooo good.

Teffanie Thompson

The Root Chakra Clarity guided meditation was beautiful, powerful and grounding.

Marianne Zarzana