Flow 2 Flow

A 21 Day Guided Experience for Writers & Writers in Waiting


It's TIME to create!!! 

This is an unprecedented moment and there is no shortage of inspiration

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The Muse is calling you.


Can you hear Her? Of course you can but are you listening?


What is she asking you? How is she beckoning you? . . .


Is she inspiring you to write poetry?

To start your memoir?

Activate that screenplay?

Get started on your story or novel?

Write those guided meditations?

Have you created space for her to move you?

What are your excuses?

Go ahead, count them out . . .

We've got time (or do we?)


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Who is this for:


  • Writers who are tired of their own excuses
  • Writers who want to amp up their discipline
  • Content Creators looking for ideas and inspiration
  • The person ready to take their writing project “off the shelf” and into the world
  • The person who wants to make a creative time capsule informed by this unique moment in herstory
  • People who love to move and want to explore different layers of expression




3 Weeks ... 21 Days … 30 Minutes A Day


FLOW 2 FLOW - A 21 Day Guided Experience for Writers & Writers in Waiting

with Teffanie Thompson, Award Winning Author and Social Justice Educator 

& Jocelyn Gordon, Holistic Fitness Expert, Meditation Guide and Creator of HoopYogini

Are You Ready?


Your Muse:

Teffanie Thompson writes, stretches, meditates and hoops. Previously, she directed a public charter high school. As a Master's graduate of Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction program, Teffanie has penned several stories for children, teens, and ballerinas.

Author of DIRT - Winner: Best YA, 2016 African-American Literary Awards held at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library. Teffanie upon invitation attended the 2018 Sharjah Children's Reading Festival in Dubai, UAE.

“Her creativity knows no bounds! She is insightful, witty & captures the essence of time with a historic voice of heavy – handedness and uplifting with inspiration and entertainment! She is one of the most unique new voices for the next generation – Teffanie.” - Brown Girls Books

Learn more about Teffanie on her Amazon author page

banner photo of Teffanie by Toyia T. Zachery

Your Moves:

Called a "Yoga Rebel" by Yoga Journal Magazine, Jocelyn is the creator of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga, holistic fitness practices merging dance with yoga and meditation.

She teaches and tours with Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, is a six year presenter at the Bali Spirit Festival, offers online and in-person teacher training and coaches healers to create their first online course.

Jocelyn is also Pre-Conception Wellness Coach and a passionate peaceful birth advocate and firmly believes that peaceful birth creates a peaceful earth.

Email Jocelyn for details: [email protected]

“Jocelyn Gordon is not only a teacher but a master of her craft. I have had the pleasure of experience of HoopYogini Spinal Awakening Series in a workshop facilitated by Jocelyn and I was blown away.” Kate Reardon, author The Essential Cleanse of Director of Natural Instinct Healing Retreat Center in Bali

Dance With Your Muse

Write Some Shit!!!


Robert Peng, Internationally Recognized QiGong Teacher

"I tried HoopYogini™ with Jocelyn. I didn't expect that such a simple tool - the hoop - would give me such a thorough stretch. It was unlike any other form I have tried. It feels amazing!"

Danielle Hinesly, Author of The Dragonness

“Teffanie is refreshing to work with, has a unique perspective that gets to the story core, and is generous with her time.”

Landis Lain, Author of Butterfly Arising and Daddy’s Baby

“With fresh and snappy prose Teffanie Thompson has bestowed upon the writing world a visionary voice of fresh eloquence.”

Genevieve Mac, HoopYogini Certified Instructor &  Founder of Warrior Women Wellness

"I love HoopYogini™ From the Core! What a great workout! I'm also loving this as a daily practice. Feeling so much more grounded in my flow and daily life.”

Carmen Marshall, Health Coach and Creator of the SexyFit Nutrition Program www.carmenmarshall.com

“I also loved Jocelyn's incorporation of her mantras, specific and gorgeous movements for opening the heart and energy. At the end of the hour, I felt strong, empowered, feminine, centered, joyful and playful. And how amazing to be able to take those ways of being into world, every day, from a practice that helps you access them so organically.”

Adrea Peters, Author of Becoming Truitt Skye

“Teffanie is an extraordinarily gifted reader. She sees and feels the full story which as a writer is invaluable. To have that kind of insight throughout the writing process is everything a writer dreams of.”