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Hula Hooping Integrated with Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation 



Fitness Freedom Fun 



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  • Tones the core
  • Improves posture
  • Encourages weight loss
  • Supports bone health through gentle, weight bearing exercise
  •  Encourages a healthy heart through low impact, cardiovascular fitness
  • Massages the internal organs through the rotation of the hoop around the body
  • Calms the mind
  • Lowers anxiety and improves mood
  • Increases healthy and positive thoughts
  • Reduces stress and releases feel good hormones
  • Helps you focus on what you want to be, do and create
  •  Supports left and right brain hemispheric communication
  • Promotes neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change over a lifetime
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  • Stimulates Creativity
  • Activates your Life Force Energy
  • Brings flow to the meridian and energy systems
  • Clears the electromagnetic field around the body
  • Promotes feelings of connection, oneness and peace

HoopYogini is transformational fitness integrating hula hooping with hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation.

All HoopYogini postures and moves can be linked into a flowing and meditative dance.


What will I experience
Experience a full body workout that incorporates dynamic, calorie burning movement with traditional yoga stretches, restorative and detoxifying  breath practices, inspirational language and meditation prompts that relax your mind and brings you into the present moment.


How is the hoop used
The adult size hula hoop is used both held in the hands as a balance, resistance and strength building tool, as well as, on the body as a calorie blasting, low to medium impact fitness practice that tones and massages the core.


What do I need to practice
Your body, an adult size hula hoop and our doctor approved, certified fun HoopYogini instructional videos!

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"Jocelyn Gordon is not only a teacher but a master of her craft. I have had the pleasure of experiencing the HoopYogini™ Spinal Awakening Series in a workshop facilitated by Jocelyn and I was blown away. "

Kate Reardon
Naturopath, Nutritionist and Founding Director of Natural Instinct Healing Health Retreat Centre - Bali, Indonesia

"It's rare that I can find a program that actually keeps the consistency of the spine, the health, posture and just brings breath right through and into the spine on a daily basis. That's what the HoopYogini Spinal Awakening Series does. "

Dr. Shara Downey, Chiropractor

"I hold a deep respect for Jocelyn's knowledge, wisdom and business acumen and highly recommend this training for anyone who seeks not only a solid training, but also a supportive community that will no doubt last a life time."

Dr. Jinju Dasalla
“I designed HoopYogini™ for you – the busy, modern, sensual woman with so much to give and experience. I invite you to experience the hoop as a dance partner, fitness tool and portal into your freedom and personal power. My wish is that this practice encourages you to express yourself, live your dreams and navigate life’s changes and challenges with ease, joy and grace.” with love, Jocelyn

Jocelyn is a mother, dancer, yogini, teacher, life coach and world traveler. She believes that
transformation can be fun and has created two holistic fitness programs that combine dance with yoga and mindfulness meditation – HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga. Having studied, trained and taught Dance, Yoga and Massage Therapy, her offerings provide a multi-disciplinary approach making self-care, self-restoration and self-realization accessible, enjoyable and relevant to the modern woman. Jocelyn has been called a Yoga Rebel by Yoga Journal magazine and has been featured in Origin Magazine, Conscious Dancer, GaiamTV, on Dr.Oz and as a lead instructor in the Gaiam produced HoopBody DVD with Academy Award winning actress, Marisa Tomei.

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