Online Video Series Teaching You the Foundations of HoopYogini™

Embrace the hula hoop as a yoga prop, dance partner, and massage tool.

This is your initiation into moving like a HoopYogini™! Join Jocelyn Gordon, the Creator of HoopYogini™, as she guides you into sensuous movement meditations and holistic fitness workouts that mobilize your spine, tone your core, and burn up to 600 calories an hour.

Yoga Prop

The hoop is your new favorite yoga prop! Hold the hoop in your hands as a resistance tool helping you develop full-body strength and mobility, as a balance tool assisting your standing postures, and as a stretch assist helping you expand your flexibility.

Massage Tool

The hoop massages your body! Learn how to hoop on your waist and in addition to toning your core, receive a circulation enhancing massage that many find soothing to the belly, lower back, and abdominals.

Dance Partner

The hoop is your judgment-free partner in flow! Experience the hoop as a dance partner encouraging your range of motion, empowered self-expression, and entrance into flow states that help you feel good and solve problems.

Dr. Shara Downey, Chiropractor

“It’s rare that I can find a program that actually keeps the consistency of the spine, the health, posture and just brings breath right through and into the spin on a daily basis. That’s what the HoopYogini Spinal Awakening Series does.”

This is an all-level practice. Perfect for beginners and experienced movement enthusiasts.

18 Total Moves

Whole-body, integrative, therapeutic, accessible, challenging, and of course, FUN

12 Off Body Postures

Strength and flexibility moves and asanas (yoga postures) that you do with the hoop held in the hands similar to a yoga strap or fitness ball

6 Dynamic On Body Waist Hooping Postures

Heat building, core strengtheners that massage your torso and define your waistline

2 Transformative Breathwork Practices

Empowering and accessible practices that calm the mind and emotions whilst detoxifying tissues and helping you stay safe as you move 

2 Guided Dance/Free Form Movement Invitations

The integration of each move into a flowing, “unique to you dance” that will impress your friends and simultaneously help you lose and find yourself within the center of your personal universe

The five videos included in this course:

Spinal Awakening Series (SAS)

Our internationally acclaimed and Doctor Approved standing, six posture vinyasa that takes you on a journey to the center of your being and brings your spine to its full range of motion. In this holistic warm-up that is also a stand-alone full body workout, you utilize the hoop in your hands held similarly to a yoga strap, fitness ball or balance tool. (No on-body waist hooping in this vinyasa!) A focus on the primary HoopYogini™ posture – Centered Pose – matched with two transformational breath practices – Three Part Breath (Durga Pranayam) and Victorious Breath (Ujjayi Pranayam) – provide a surprisingly powerful workout and the foundation to go deeper into more intermediate HoopYogini™ moves.

  • Improve your posture
  • Develop a toned, flexible and strong back
  • Sculpt your arms and waistline
  • Remove tension from the neck, shoulders and lower back
  • Massage your internal organs with twists and range of motion exercises
  • Integrate intention and gratitude setting into your workouts
  • Connect with and “clear” your energy field
  • Find yourself rooted in the center of your self

From The Core

Now that you’re nimble and an expert at cultivating Centered Pose, it is time for you to maintain your inner still point whilst moving the hoop dynamically on your waist. This heat building, calorie blasting workout, teaches you how to hula hoop on your waist like a HoopYogini™ and adds layered instruction to ensure that your core is engaged and your inner fire and passion ignited.  A focus is on brain hemispheric integration, breathwork, asana and arm postures.  From The Core provides an accessible and stimulating challenge for all levels of hoopers and yogis. There are six moves and sequences in this video including Wing Span Hug, Dream Pull Vinyasa, Pele Goddess Flow and more.

  • Tone your arms, legs, core and back
  • Burn 100 calories for every 10 minutes of practice
  • Receive a 360 degree massage to your core with the hoop
  • Hoop in both directions and become hoopadextrous
  • Activate your inner fire, inner vision and inner wisdom
  •  Sweat and detox
  • Build resilience and strengthen your will
  • Improve coordination and brain hemispheric communication

Integrative Cool Down

This six posture standing flow integrates the hoop with familiar yoga postures such as Standing Wide Leg Forward Fold, Triangle Pose, and more.  Experience inversions and hip openers plus deep and mindful stretches for the lower back and back of the legs (hamstrings). Come full circle in your practice as you return to center and embody all that you learned and discovered during your HoopYogini™ practice.

  • Stretch and relieve tension
  • Cool down your body
  • Experience the hoop as a balance tool
  • Feel expansive and at ease
  • Take your insights into your day-to-day life

Alchemy & Flow - Spinal Awakening Series 

Learn how to integrate each move into a flowing dance. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ve learned from your HoopYogini™ practice!  Alchemy & Flow takes you from moving in a “little hoop circle” to being comfortable taking up more space.  Prompts and invitations support you in walking to dancing, to flowing in grace and freedom.  The topper – this is practice for how you can flow in your life inside and outside of the hoop – from your center, in the moment, relaxed and in flow.  This Alchemy & Flow series features the postures from the Spinal Awakening Series.

  • Feel confident
  • Dance with grace
  • Explore transitions between movements
  • Let your breath inspire and guide you
  • Relax into the unknown
  • Move from your center and notice when you’re not in your center
  • Discover how your practice is reflected into your life

Alchemy & Flow - From The Core

Add dynamic waist hooping to your free flow dance. Learn how to move the hoop on and off the body along with additional transitions that add flair and energy to your moves. This is where you explore grace by expanding your movement repertoire so you feel more comfortable taking up space even if you are in a small space. This Alchemy & Flow series brings together the postures and moves taught in the course.

  • Explore different planes of movement - up and down, in front and behind, side to side, high and low
  • Try different expression styles - fast and slow, staccato and flow, lyrical and grounded
  • Develop skills that bring more ease and flow into your dance (and your life!)
  • Get comfortable taking healthy 
  • Take risks

Stephanie Oldmixon

“HoopYogini™ is a great meditation and stretching exercise!” 

Venetria Moon Ra

“Before I started HoopYogini™, I wore a corset every day to 'minimize' my belly. Now, I'm losing inches, toning and the corset is long gone. I feel like a hula hoop goddess - more confident, feminine and sexy in my body. I'm beyond satisfied with the results that I'm getting.” 

Michelle Pierce

“Fun & energizing. This practice and community will keep you supported & having a good time. Love you all!”  

HoopYogini™ is a practice that centers and grounds. We prefer a heavier and wider hoop (no greater than 1.5 lbs) rather than a super lightweight polypro.

What You'll Get (US shipping only):

  • 1 polypro dance hoop
  • 7/8" hoop at 38" or 40"outer diameter
  • Delivered right to your door
  • Price includes shipping

Size does matter! This is how to identify your ideal hoop diameter for beginning your HoopYogini™ practice:

  • Get a tape measure. Stand and measure the distance from the floor to your belly button. This number is your ideal hoop diameter. Mention it at checkout!

Why a clear hoop? This is the perfect hoop for you to express your creativity! 

  • Write your intentions and place them in the hoop (do not add water!)
  • Tape the hoop and give it your personal flare
  • Keep the hoop as is to represent clarity and peace

Available in the USA Only. Non-Refundable. No Exchanges. No Returns.

Christy Conley
Delightflow Duo, Professional Flow Artist & Fire Performer

“After struggling with health and weight issues for the past couple of years, and finding it difficult to get back into the hoop or yoga (two things I once held dear), it struck me to look into a way of combining the two into something new. A quick Google search and I found myself on the HoopYogini™ website and delighted to discover that the star is the lovely Jocelyn Gordon, of whom I have been a fan since I first picked up a hoop 7 years ago! The videos are beyond amazing! I feel like I'm transported to a beautiful studio with a personal trainer, customizing my lesson each day to whatever works best for me. I've yet to actually complete all 5 of the videos in one setting, but I greatly enjoy mixing and matching them for unique combinations in my sessions. Not only are these videos are great workout, but they are very professionally made and inspirational in ways that outshine any (of the many) YouTube videos that I've been compiling over the years. I look forward to growing stronger in my practice and implementing this new knowledge in my fire performance art. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all that you are and all that you do. <3”

Foundations & Flow Immediate DownloadĀ 


  • Three instructional videos teaching HoopYogini™ foundational vinyasas
  • Two videos guiding free-form movement with the hoop 
  • Six dynamic on-body waist hooping postures
  • 18 total HoopYogini™ moves
  • 12 off body postures

Foundations & Flow with Hoop (US Shipping Only; No-Refunds)


  • Three instructional videos teaching HoopYogini™ foundational vinyasas
  • Two guided dance practices
  • Six dynamic on body waist hooping postures
  • 18 total HoopYogini™ moves
  • 12 off body postures
  • Adult-size hula hoop (Clear Only)

US Shipping Only | Non-Refundable | No Returns | No Exchanges


Foundations & Flow, Hoop & Connect To Your Power Online Course


  • Three featured instructional videos
  • Two guided dance practices
  • Six dynamic on body waist hooping postures
  • 18 total HoopYogini™ moves
  • 12 off body postures
  • Adult-size hula hoop (Clear Only)


  • Daily coaching lessons and inspirational messages to your inbox
  • Weekly posture play sheets focused on teaching the pose of the week
  • Transformational content that will help you feel more alive, embodied.

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