HoopYogini™ is transformational fitness integrating hula hooping with Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation.

We are a global group of inspired practitioners standing in individual sovereignty and acknowledging the hoop as an expression of our interdependence with each other and the environment. We believe that:

Transformation Can Be Fun

Movement is Healing

Life is Awesome 

As a community, our goal is to support 1 million people around the world to experience joy, harmony, mental and physical health, and peace.


The HoopYogini™ Journey

Start Here

All HoopYogini™ postures and moves can be linked into a flowing & meditative dance.

Start your HoopYogini™ journey with the Foundations & Flow Course.

Foundations & Flow

Then Here

The Inner Circle is a Self-Care Membership for Space Holders, Educators and Conscious Leaders - You! Experience monthly online retreats, resources & community activations that keep your cup overflowing as you serve the world.

The Inner Circle

And Then

Enroll in the four-month HoopYogini™ Online Yoga Teacher Training, a lifestyle and leadership immersion. 

This training provides you with the tools, guidance, and encouragement to cultivate a daily movement and meditation practice.

HoopYoginiā„¢ Teacher Training

Meet Jocelyn Gordon, the Founder of HoopYogini™


Called a "Yoga Rebel" by Yoga Journal Magazine, Jocelyn is the creator of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga, holistic fitness practices merging dance with yoga and meditation.

She has toured nationally with Wanderlust, is a six-time presenter at the Bali Spirit Festival, has worked with Academy Award-winning actresses Halle Berry and Marisa Tomei, and was recently featured on Apple News as the Meditation Guide for the Essence Magazine Virtual Wellness House. 

The mother of two young queens and an advocate for peaceful birth, maternal, and infant wellbeing, Jocelyn supports birthing people in up-leveling their health and vibration before pregnancy.  

As the course Doula, Jocelyn coaches healers and movement educators to create their first online course and teacher training programs. 

Her work supports women with fertility, embodiment, and leadership.

Schedule a free 20-minute Alignment Session exploring one-to-one coaching at www.JocelynGordon.com.

“I designed HoopYogini™ for you – the busy, modern human with so much to give and experience. I invite you to experience the hoop as a dance partner, fitness tool, and portal into your freedom and personal power. My wish is that this practice encourages you to express yourself, live your dreams, and navigate life’s changes and challenges with ease, joy, and grace.”  - Jocelyn

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