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Sacred Hoop Jam

An Online Ceremony and Community Dance for Lovers of the Hoop

with Jocelyn Gordon & DJ Taz Rashid

Thursday, May 7, 2020 | 8am - 10am EST








This event is for you if you are ready to ...

  • explore ritual as a form of meditation and self-care
  • deepen your relationship with the hoop as a symbol of wholeness
  • feel less isolated and more connected
  • attune to the frequency of love 
  • experience the heart-opening properties of cacao
  • create a safe and brave space where all feelings are welcome
  • connect with your inner guidance 
  • dance, dance dance!!!

With your registration you receive 

Access details to the ceremony

A recipe for your cacao libation featuring ceremonial grade cacao from Firefly Chocolate*

Suggestions on how to set up your space

Guidance on creating a mandala altar with your hoop 

Journal questions to help you establish your intentions

Playlist (delivered after the event)

Access to the recording will be available as a non-downloadable link for five days after the event

*my Firefly Chocolate ambassador affiliate link provides me with a commission when you purchase from the link. Coupon code "cacaobaby" take 5% off your order. Cacao images courtesy of Firefly Chocolate.

No Hoop? No Cacao? No Problem!

No Cacao - Meditate with Water

You are 75% water and water covers the majority of our planet. Water is affected by thought form and intention. Change your thoughts, center in your heart and create water crystals of beauty, harmony and resonance.


You are part of the sacred hoop - the web of all creation

Your aura - the eletro-magnetic field that exists within you and surrounds your physical body - is your sacred hoop.

Like a flower of life, your body, energy and consciousness connect you to this global and galactic network of life. Tap into this web and tap into THE answers, activate your life force energy and feel resourced, empowered and supported.


Guided by Jocelyn Gordon,
Creator of HoopYogini  & Bhakti Boogie Yoga 

Pray, Breathe and BE Moved.

This online ceremony is an opportunity for you to create a safe and brave space in your home and hoop, to get in your body and thereby informed by your inner guidance, and to connect with the soothing and uplifting power of music and dance. 

This two hour ceremony and dance session incorporates prayer, cacao meditation, HoopYogini and free form movement. I am thrilled to guide this experience for you.

xoxoxo - Jocelyn Gordon, Mama, Movement Therapist, Doula, Pelvic Whisperer, Cacao Lover, Plant-Based Guide and Creator of HoopYogini and Bhakti Boogie Yoga


DJ'd by DJ Taz Rashid 

DJ Taz Rashid brings a high vibrational energy to any room instantly by mixing the beats and rhythms of Love, Ancient New World, House, Devotional, and all the cosmic sounds. 

Recently he has been performing and DJing at events such as Yoga Journal Conference, Wanderlust Festivals, Arise Festival, Bhakti Fest, Bali Spirit Fest, and many more high vibrational gatherings while sharing the stage with global acts such as Xavier Rudd, Michael Franti, Trevor Hall, Nahko Bear, MC Yogi, DJ Drez, Guadi and more…..

With his expertise in producing and playing music for yoga and meditation, Taz's mission is to help others to create inspiring music playlists in their classes through breath beat sequencing and other novel techniques that foster a sound healing classroom experience. For a Free Gift of music txt on your phone LOVEYOGA (one word) to the number 44222 or visit http://bit.ly/1QiKmuZ












 LOS ANGELES Thursday at 5am PDT | NEW YORK Thursday at 8am EDT

LONDON Thursday at 12pm GM | DENMARK Thursday at 1pm CET

SYDNEY Friday at 11pm AEDT

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Suggested Minimum Donation is $25

What is HoopYogini™

HoopYogini™ is a Holistic Conditioning experience that utilizes the modern adult-size hula hoop for flow, self-awareness and as a functional fitness tool to strengthen and stretch the body.

HoopYogini™ explores the organic relationship between the spontaneous spiral experience of hoop dance and the more linear and direct technology of hatha yoga.

The circular nature of the hoop gently encourages movement, freedom of expression, conscious daydreaming (a lost art for most adults!) and improved range of motion.

Stretching with the hoop in familiar hatha yoga patterns releases mental and physical tension, develops present-moment awareness, and affirms healthy beliefs and actions.`


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