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HoopYogini Online Yoga Teacher Training 

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Meet Teffanie -

Award-Winning Author, Educator, HoopYogini Mentor & Master Trainer

Meet Erika -

Spiralic Spirit Movement Enthusiast, Hoop Yogini Instructor and Mentor


Meet Isamar -

solo mom, artist, founder of Hula Nation

“I started hooping when my daughter was a toddler. I wanted to get back in shape and hooping helped. I discovered Jocelyn and HoopYogini in 2014, took the training and I’ve never looked back - the circle is an integral part of my life, art and mission. HoopYogini gave me direction and focus. It became a way to get fit and to explore my sensuality through a structure and daily discipline. It also became a way to make an income and support my daughter through my company, Hula Nation. I am now making a global impact and creating a non-profit which focuses on helping impoverished communities learn new skills that will help them pay for education and economically empower their children and forthcoming generations. (The Circle of Life).

Bridget Strama,

HoopYogini Master Trainer, Survive To Thrive Mamas

“Since I finished the 200hr HYOTT, I now give myself more permission to play and to play with my practice. I now realize that you don’t have to take your yoga practice so seriously to get results. You can find yourself through play.” 

Karla Jones,

HoopYogini Certified Instructor & Mentor

"I’m very visual and I like to learn by doing. So, for me the instructional videos were so effective for me. Also there were times we got to see what the other teachers were doing and how they taught. I get so much out of hearing/seeing what other teachers are doing."

Cheryl Kilper,

HoopYogini Certified Instructor

"I've learned so much through [the] HoopYogini Online Training that I have to giggle whenever I'm in YTT [yoga teacher training] and hear something I've already learned. Finally did some practice teaching in YTT last weekend and let's just say I nailed tadasana." 


Meet Bailey -

Therapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, HoopYogini Teacher Trainee

Meet Kate -

Mom, 200HR RTY, Womb Wellness Educator, HoopYogini Teacher Trainee


Meet Jocelyn

You have a voice, you have a mission and you have a purpose.

Now more than ever do you need to connect with your intuition and live from your truth. Big Reveal ... this all happens through the body.

"I'll do it someday" or "One day I'll be ready" - these sentiments are creating inertia and keeping you from making the impact you know you're ready to make.

You may feel confused and your confidence may be shaky, however, I have the tools that will liberate you from the weight of delay and will orient you to your joy and power.

And guess what, this doesn't have to be treacherous or hard - movement is medicine and you can have fun!

After working with thousands of students and reviewing hundreds of certification videos, I know first-hand what new and emerging teachers struggle with and I have the tools, templates and technology that will help you find your voice, feel more fluid and calm in your body, and create beautifully themed and executed classes that truly change people's lives.

Whether this is your first YTT or your third, there is so much here for you.