The Inner Circle is a Membership Portal 
for Space Holders, Educators and Conscious Leaders with weekly live classes, monthly online retreats,
resources & community activations to keep your cup overflowing as you serve the world.

Jocelyn delivers time-proven practices that help you connect, center & circulate your energy.



This is what you will get:

Connect with your spirit and fill your cup
Reclaim your boundaries
Identify true passions and goals


Stretch, meditate and grow
Meet with like-hearts
Share your gifts and shine


movement medicine, dance and ritual
Movement Medicine, Dance and Ritual
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Therapeutic Journaling
& Community Sharing
Sacred Silence
& Growth Immersions


My name is Jocelyn Gordon

Creator of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga, Life Coach, E-RYT 500

As a solo parent, educator and space holder, I know first hand the blessings and benefits of creating daily space for movement, meditation and what truly matters. I also know the consequences of going days without ritual, movement and good sleep. 

As a Movement Therapist and Life Coach, I’ve helped thousands of women around the world connect with their body, heart and spirit and create inspired lives that include healthy habits, healthy boundaries and boundless presence.

In The Inner Circle I provide my time proven, fun and sensuous ways to create a more fit, fluid and toned body whilst accessing more joy, connection and flow.

My Time Proven 3 Circle Method

Create Space - enter circular awareness
Embody Center - connect through body, breath and being
Realize The Sacred - move forward in wholeness


movement medicine, dance and ritual
a Symbol of Perfection
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
a Portal to Center & Web of Connection
a Navigation Tool for Sacred, Intentional Living


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Fill your cup and find center through circle focused self-care immersions

Abundant value delivered through:

  • 4x Weekly Live HoopYogini Classes
  • New Moon Healing Circles
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Personal Growth Retreats
  • Monthly Resource Guide including journal prompts, affirmations and playlist
  • Practice Calendar & Habit Tracker
  • Private Facebook Community





A year-long immersion developing your personal growth facilitation skills

Everything in the Explorer Level plus:

  • Monthly Master Training & Interviews with Jocelyn and Guest Experts
  • Quarterly Full-Day Training Retreats (online)
  • Cacao Meditation Training
  • Facilitator Manuals (delivered prior to retreats)
  • Private training community not on Facebook
  • Certification as an Inner Circle Facilitator*




Save $88


Chakra Clarity
a guided meditation album and inner vision journey created by Jocelyn (value $75)




Save $444


Coaching session with Jocelyn
60 minute one-to-one coaching session ($295 value)


* Certification as an Inner Circle Facilitator upon fulfillment of:

  • One year of participation at The Inner Circle Master Level
  • Completion of each Inner Circle personal growth activity
  • Attendance of four Full-Day Training Retreats (each held quarterly) - virtual
  • Submission of Certification Project
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The Inner Circle -
What's inside

  • 4x Live Weekly HoopYogini Classes (no experience required) - Explore movement medicine through HoopYogini, my transformative holistic fitness program combining hula hooping with Hatha Yoga and mindfulness meditation. All Levels. ($195 monthly value)

  • Monthly HoopYogini Masterclass - Go deeper within the portal of the hoop through themed 90 minute live or prerecorded classes with Jocelyn or a HoopYogini Certified Instructor.  ($25 value)

  • Monthly New Moon Circles (formerly known as the Global Hoop Meditation) - Held on or near the new moon, this popular immersion includes an astrological focus and theme, HoopYogini, movement meditation, sharing circle and journal prompts. ($25 value)

  • Monthly Personal Growth Retreat with Jocelyn - There is medicine here. Make a delicious cacao libation and grab paper, colored pencils, a drawing compass and a journal. Together in circle, we explore, evolve and elevate. ($250 value)

  • Monthly Resource Guide - Every month, receive an event calendar, circular habit tracker, journal prompts, affirmations and playlist. ($25 value)

  • Community Activations & Challenges - Experience physical transformation and deeper levels of embodiment with monthly challenge invitations. (priceless)

  • Private Online Community - Connect with Jocelyn and inspired community. Post your insights, ask questions and express yourself. (priceless)

  • Member Only Bonuses - Discounts on HoopYogini retreats, courses, teacher trainings and events along with unique offers from our earth and spirit conscious partners. Special rates on one-to-one coaching with Jocelyn.

Certification Option -
Become an Inner Circle Facilitator!

A year-long immersion developing your personal growth facilitation skills.
*Included in the Master Level Membership

Add the medicine of the circle to your yoga workshops, women’s circles, coaching sessions and hoop classes. Learn how to guide cacao meditations and therapeutic journaling sessions. Gain confidence holding space and offering a safe container for cathartic experience.


Guide others to their inner center through a one-year certification journey transmitted through:

  • Monthly Masterclasses with Jocelyn or a Guest Guide (live or pre-recorded)
  • Online Training Retreats (four times a year)
  • Facilitator Manual (delivered prior to retreats)
  • Required Reading List
  • Cacao Meditation Training
  • Private Training Community (not on Facebook)
  • Certification upon completion



August New Moon Circle

Formerly known as the Global Hoop Meditation

Sunday, August 8 | 10-11:30am EST

Held on or near the new moon, this popular immersion includes an astrological focus and theme, HoopYogini movement meditation, sharing circle and journal prompts. 

August Personal Growth Retreat

SUNDAY, AUGUST 22, 2021  
10AM-12PM EDT 

Download the circular habit tracker, make a delicious cacao libation and grab paper, colored pencils and your journal. In this retreat, you will explore love as a verb and devotion as a practice. You will be invited to consider your spiritual practice and how you connect with the Divine.  A special emphasis is on voice, prayer and song. You will continue your journey along the medicine wheel exploring the direction of South to include appreciation of the body and vital energy.  

HoopYogini Masterclass with Shellie White Light



Miracles are all around you. The act of devotion is the practice of giving gratitude for all that you have, so you can become a beacon for that which you desire to receive. This masterclass shows you how to use the hoop as a tool to pray, connect to a reverent flow state, and expand your heart so you can receive more blessings and miracles in your life! Life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% how you respond to it.  Shellie White Light (LMT, NMT) presents practices to help you shift your perspective and align you with gratitude and peaceful presence. 

Upcoming Movement Masterclass Themes: 

  • Isolation Trick Collection with Mykah Smith 
  • Dancing the Tarot with Erika Jacqui
  • Hero's Journey with Teffanie Thompson


Inner Circle Facilitator Training 


JUNE 13, 2021 | 
1 - 5pm EST

Learn how to set intention for your sacred spaces, circle events, coaching sessions and embodiment journeys. Explore energetic hygiene and the elements of cultivating Brave Space. Learn how to connect and disengage with the person or group for which you are facilitating. Refine practices explored in the East direction of The Inner Circle: gain more confidence calling in the directions, living along the medicine wheel and developing a relationship with womb wisdom.

Weekly Live Classes:


HoopYogini - Hatha
12 - 1pm EST
Explore traditional hatha yoga postures with the hoop as your favorite yoga prop


HoopYogini - Meditative

6:30 - 7am EST
Center with guided meditations that help you calm the chaos and reclaim your joy


HoopYogini - Flow Clinic
6:30 - 7pm EST
Refine your posture and troubleshoot hoop moves in these mini-clinics with a HoopYogini Master Trainer


HoopYogini - Flex & Flow

7 - 8pm EST
Dance, sweat, collect tricks and stay mindful in the on-body hoop dance focused fitness class

Frequently Asked Questions

What People Are Saying

"I believe paths cross for a reason, 1000%. I believe you and HoopYogini played a huge part in this transformation. Last night in session, my psychiatrist said she thinks I've made more progress in the past two weeks than in the past 17 years she's been seeing me. I look forward to learning from you further. A million thank yous. You are helping me slay the dragon."

Bailey Zemborrow
Trauma-Informed Therapist, HoopYogini Certified Instructor


"Participating in Jocelyn's workshop was a quick and powerful experience. I joke that it was like doing a year of therapy in an hour but it was true. I have been to many workshops for education and spirituality in my 20 year self-discovery journey, but I still find that it's rare and highly valuable to find someone who knows how to create the feeling that one is "peeling back the layers to your true/inner self" as you go through the workshop journey so effectively and time sensitively."

Ekene Botofasina
Songstress, Education Specialist

What People Are Saying

"Jocelyn Gordon is not only a teacher but a master of her craft. I have had the pleasure of her HoopYogini Spinal Awakening Series, and I was blown away."

Author of The Essential Cleanse and Director of Natural Instinct Healing Retreat Center in Bali.


"Jocelyn has been my mentor since 2013. She has guided me through healthy practices of nutrition, fitness and now mental health. Forever grateful."


What People Are Saying

"Today, I am incredibly grateful for my HoopYogini experience that I challenged myself to step into a more mindful, enjoyable lifestyle through a daily practice. I wouldn't be where I am today without HoopYogini and my self compassion."

Erynn Eveland
HoopYogini Teacher in Training

"Jocelyn Gordon taught me how to Chest & Shoulder hoop. It's what I've been doing as I heal from my hernia. She really is an AWESOME instructor. She pays attention to your natural flow and guides you accordingly."

Pauline Baylock
Holistic Health Coach