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As The Course Doula, I help healers exit the time for dollar exchange, impact lives around the world and earn $$$ around the clock.

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Movement, Meditation and Motherhood: A Sacred Self-Care Immersion, July 19 - 23, 2021

Big Sur, CA at the Esalen Institute. In this self-care immersion, mothers of all ages and stages — new moms, single mothers, empty nesters, and those who are ready to become mothers — come together to explore the sacred path of motherhood. Yoga, dance, and ceremonial self-care provide sensual and centering practices that help clear and revitalize energy.

Conscious Kids Summit with the SHIFT Network

Embark on your own "Hero's Journey" to raise socially aware kids in a complex world

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Donate - Guinness World Record Training Costs

HoopYogini™ teacher in training, Nicole Goss, is preparing for a Guinness World Record for the largest Hulahoop spun! Donate to her preparation costs and special order metal hoop.

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People preparing for parenthood or rebirthing into a new life chapter


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