10 ways that HoopYogini™ has Helped Me Connect to my Body, Womb & Sexuality with Venetria B.

Venetria B. Certified HoopYogini™ Instructor Owner of Hula – Roots & Sacred Feminine Wellness. “Little did I realize, a childhood toy could be used in the future to connect me to my body, womb, and sexuality. Using the hoop for play as well as bio-feedback tool while exercising, HoopYogini™ practices connects me to all three.”… Read more »

Prāṇāyāma – Breathing With Your Hula Hoop

The Present is a Gift. It is where your life lives. In today’s fast-paced, screen-powered world, it is so important to have tools, such as practicing Prāṇāyāma, to draw you back into the power of Now. Something as simple as focusing on your breathing can allow you to come back to the present moment and… Read more »

Hooping & Pooping: Hula Hooping For Digestive Health

Improve Your Digestive Health Inside a Hula Hoop! When you’re waist hooping, as when practicing the HoopYogini™ From The Core Series, the hoop massages your abdomen to include the umbilicus/belly button, the intestines, the lower portion of the liver, some of the stomach and in the back, the kidneys. As you deepen into your practice… Read more »

21 Personal Development Books for the Soulful Hula Hooper

Personal Development is Essential for Awakening the Soul  Have you ever randomly picked up a book and read something so perfect and relevant to your life at that exact moment? Did it freak you out a bit? Well, don’t let it. Understand that the Universe will always give you exactly what you need for the most… Read more »

How To Create A Hoop Dance Community – Erin Renee Wood

We asked our instructors a few questions about the hoop dance community where they live and this is what Erin Renee Wood had to say.. Erin Wood  Facebook Location: Chico, California Certification: Certified in the Spinal Awakening Series and currently enrolled in level 1 certification for HoopYogini™; Beachbody Coach Describe the hoop community where you live: We have a… Read more »