HoopYogini™ Instructor Spotlight – Emily Wood

We celebrate Emily Wood as she takes the next steps on her HoopYogini™ journey!   How did you discover hooping?  I first discovered hula hooping within the music festival scene. When I was 14 I went to my first ever Dead concert and from that night on I has hooked! I started going to festivals… Read more »

What Size Hula Hoop Should I Use?

Size really does matter! Ha ha!!! The size of your adult hula hoop is a very important feature for your hooping success. Many who return to hula hooping as an adult, pick up a kid’s hoop at a party or picnic. They get in the hoop and wonder why they can’t keep it up –… Read more »

Prāṇāyāma – Breathing With Your Hula Hoop

The Present is a Gift. It is where your life lives. In today’s fast-paced, screen-powered world, it is so important to have tools, such as practicing Prāṇāyāma, to draw you back into the power of Now. Something as simple as focusing on your breathing can allow you to come back to the present moment and… Read more »

Hooping & Pooping: Hula Hooping For Digestive Health

Improve Your Digestive Health Inside a Hula Hoop! When you’re waist hooping, as when practicing the HoopYogini™ From The Core Series, the hoop massages your abdomen to include the umbilicus/belly button, the intestines, the lower portion of the liver, some of the stomach and in the back, the kidneys. As you deepen into your practice… Read more »

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Find Fellow Flow Artists

Are you a flow enthusiast, avid Hooper or Instructor? Guest Blogger, Graphic Designer, and HoopYogini™, Jaide Lehnhardt, offers ways you can utilize social media to connect with the flow community, share skills and bring attention to your classes and offerings. By 2017, we have all come accustomed to the presence of social media. Social media… Read more »