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Four Step Intentional Process to Set Your New Year Frequency

Happy New Now!

Today provides another opportunity to dream awake!

If you don't have plans for the day, I encourage you to create space for reflection, visioning, centering and proclamation.

And, don't stress if you can't follow through today. You can create space within the next three days to dive into the following:



Just yesterday I received a text from a woman saying "I would like to find my center. I need help relaxing my mind. I do many things at the same time. I start a project and I don't finish it. This new year I want to be more focused."

Can you relate?

I ensured her that she was not alone and I recommended that she center with a daily HoopYogini practice, explore meditation with my Chakra Clarity album, and commit to a daily journaling practice as a way to process and integrate her feelings and thoughts. 

This is medicine that I personally apply and that my students and teachers have found to be highly beneficial as they navigate their full lives...

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