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Four Step Intentional Process to Set Your New Year Frequency

flow 2 flow journal prompts new year personal growth reflective journaling retreat ritual Dec 31, 2020

Happy New Now!

Today provides another opportunity to dream awake!

If you don't have plans for the day, I encourage you to create space for reflection, visioning, centering and proclamation.

And, don't stress if you can't follow through today. You can create space within the next three days to dive into the following:



Just yesterday I received a text from a woman saying "I would like to find my center. I need help relaxing my mind. I do many things at the same time. I start a project and I don't finish it. This new year I want to be more focused."

Can you relate?

I ensured her that she was not alone and I recommended that she center with a daily HoopYogini practice, explore meditation with my Chakra Clarity album, and commit to a daily journaling practice as a way to process and integrate her feelings and thoughts. 

This is medicine that I personally apply and that my students and teachers have found to be highly beneficial as they navigate their full lives filled with so many personal and social twists and turns.

FLOW 2 FLOW and our online virtual retreat dispenses all the medicine shared above and code - FLOWRETREAT - takes $50 off your retreat registration. This code will be active until Wednesday, January 6, 2021. The first ten US based retreat registrants will receive a beautiful swag bag full of deliciousness to enhance the experience. 



Self-reflection is essential for personal growth. Reflective journaling helps you:

  • witness and observe your experiences and reactions to them
  • integrate your experiences and apply a new perspective to them 
  • identify your values, goals and dreams
  • live life with more awareness and  intentionality 

Click here for a year in review 2020 Reflective Journaling Prompts.



Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." Albert Einstein

The Dreamers are the Worldbridgers integrating the old world with the new. 

Nurture your imagination. Reconnect with your ability to Dream. 

See the image below for 2021 Prompts and visit my Wednesday Wellness Chat in The Hoop Well for a meditation and writing journey connecting you with your Wants, Wishes and Deep Core Desire.



Words have power and in the beginning was the word.

After connecting with your Wants, Wishes and Deep Core Desire, distill what you have observed into a word and sacred sound for 2021.

Sing it. Post the word around your home, in your car, at your desk and more.

Let this word be a guide post and reminder of your intentional frequency for the new year. You can even measure your actions and choices against this word. Are your thoughts and actions aligned with your word? If not, move on or make the choice that speaks to the value and values inherent in your chosen decree.


I wish you a beautiful and nourishing experience with these journal prompts and a new year full of love, health and prosperity.

Enjoy and Happy New Now!

Jocelyn Gordon, Creator of HoopYogini™ & Bhakti Boogie™ Yoga, Host of The Hoop Well, called a "Yoga Rebel" by Yoga Journal Magazine

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