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10 ways that HoopYogini™ has Helped Me Connect to my Body, Womb & Sexuality with Venetria B.

Sep 05, 2019

Venetria B.

Certified HoopYogini™ Instructor
Owner of Hula – Roots & Sacred Feminine Wellness.

“Little did I realize, a childhood toy could be used in the future to connect me to my body, womb, and sexuality. Using the hoop for play as well as bio-feedback tool while exercising, HoopYogini™ practices connects me to all three.”

IG: @hula_roots_yogini





10 ways that HoopYogini™ has Helped Me Connect to my Body, Womb & Sexuality

1. Connection to my inner self and feeling at peace in my body and energy.

2. While I rotate inside of my personal universe within the hoop, it feels like I’m in a meditative state. In this calm place, I find it easy to connect to the feeling of the sensations the hoop gives my organs. I’m then transported to connection with my body.

3. Waist hooping & womb massage. Manipulate the speed & position of the hoop for a fantastic womb massage. A great stimulation to energize the womb.

4. The grace inside the hoop awakens the Goddess within me. I am so powerful. I am so beautiful.  A great catapult to awaken the feelings of my sexual powers. Not just sex, but my aura of sexuality.

5. When I’m doing trickery with my hoop, I am aware of how my body has to manipulate the circle to make these moves work. Hence I’m reminded what the hoop brings to my body.

6. There are many moves within the HoopYogini™ series that catapults many sensations to ignite connection to my sexuality. The Pele Goddess Vinyasa is just one of them.

7. With HoopYogini™, using a bigger & heavier hoop helped me to connect to my body rather than using a smaller & lighter hoop. Not only does this connect me but it also works my muscles.

8. HoopYogini™ centered pose, helps keep me body-centered. I’m able to listen to my body’s language & it’s physical need. I’ve learned how to nurture my body. This comes in handy in all aspects of life.

9. When I set aside time to be with my hoop, I am setting aside time to be with myself. I am giving myself the attention that I deserve.

10. When I’m hooping I feel like my body is being adorned with movable jewelry. I feel sensual along with attentiveness to my body.

“I hope that you too can connect with yourself inside your hula hoop.
It is your own personal universe that is just waiting for you to explore it!”
Love, Venetria

What makes you feel connected to your body, womb, and sexuality?

Did Venetria’s tips and tricks spark some connection? Let us know in the comments below and share with your fellow flow friends on social media to get the conversation going!

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