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15 Ways To Activate Self-Love

Sep 05, 2019


Here at HoopYogini™, we are promoters of self-love. We want you to fall wildly and madly in love with YOU. We want you to feel important, deserving, and well taken care of. We want you to be rooted in the center of your own personal Universe.

The world may have impressed upon you the belief that selfishness is evil, that self-compassion is wrong, or that loving yourself is narcissistic. We would bet that there’s been something inside of you saying that you deserve more than that.  Something that ultimately knew that there’s no power in your playing small. You deserve to be your priority, to treat yourself like a queen, and to love yourself so that you may share that love with the world.

Our HoopYogini™ program is holistic fitness that integrates Hatha Yoga and Hula Hooping, but what sets it apart from other hoopyoga classes is the element of Mindfulness Meditation. In the Spinal Awakening Series, practitioners are guided through a meditation by bringing their awareness within. One of the prompts used to do this is, “Feel yourself rooted in the center of your own personal Universe.”

A simple act of self-love can make a positive ripple into your life. By tending to your needs and your spirit, you raise yourself to a higher frequency from which you can contribute even more profoundly to the world. The world needs you to love yourself.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas that we feel will generate feelings of love and worthiness.

1.Relax in an Epsom salt bath or treat yourself to a bath bomb. Salt baths are great for clearly out negative or stagnant energy and bath bombs often have salts and essential oils in them.

2. Improve your health and radiance by dry brushing your skin. Dry brushing helps stimulate the lymphatic system which helps keep you healthy.

3. Prepare yourself some herbal tea. Herbal tea is caffeine free and can be enjoyed at any time in copious amounts. Pinkies up.

4. Pack some snacks and beverages for yourself (and invite a friend if you’d like) and roll out a blanket anywhere to have a spontaneous picnic. Relish in the moment.

5. Spend time with an old tree. There are so many lessons to be learned from trees, if we just slow down and take a little time to notice.

6. Get in your hoop and spin! Everything in the Universe spins – from galaxies to your cells and even smaller particles of energy and intelligence. When you activate and amplify that natural flow of life inside you of you, you can’t help but to feel energized, alive, in flow and in love. If you’re feeling down, give yourself 15 minutes or more in the hoop to energize and uplift yourself

7. Walk barefoot in nature. Connecting with the Earth can help ground you help you feel more peaceful and calm.

8. Paint your toe nails. That way, every morning when your feet hit the floor remind yourself that you deserve love.

9. Drink water! We know, people are telling you that all the time. But really, drinking at least half your body weight in water is a great way to express self-love. It tells your body that you love and care for it’s well-being. Dr. Masaru Emoto preformed many experiments on water and observed beautiful crystals with each one having its own uniqueness, just like each one of us.

10. Give your favorite childhood music a listen. Listening to music from our childhood helps connect us back to a time when we were more carefree and happy.

11. Arrange a bouquet and put it somewhere in your house where you will see it often. Flowers remind us of our own inner peace and beauty.

12. Give yourself a massage. Make things extra luxurious by adding some essential oils which have a wide variety of healing properties.

13. Color or doodle on a blank piece of paper or print a mandala off the internet. The focus required to color within the lines can be very meditative. Let your creativity run wild.

14. Watch the sunrise or sunset. Tuning into the stage of the sun and the rotation of the earth can give you a new perspective of time.

15. Look in the mirror, stare into your eyes, and say affirmations. Louise Hay is well known for “mirror work” and is an excellent resource to learn this powerful self-love tool.

There are many ways that you can express self-love. Understand the importance of showing yourself affection and appreciation. We hope that you have found a few neat ways to treat yourself. Comment below with your ideas on how to love yourself!


Erin Self-Love

Written by: Erin Wood

Erin is a certified HoopYogini™ instructor who enjoys sharing her love for Hoop Yoga with as many souls as she can. Erin is passionate about self-love. She is dedicated to her mind and body! Show her some love by sharing and discussing this article.


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