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Affirmations to Help You Grow & Flow

Sep 05, 2019

Did you know, that YOU have the power to transform any grievance or resentment into a miracle? Well, you do. Positive thoughts create positive feelings which attract positive experiences. Using affirmations can be a powerful way to shift your perspective and take control of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Here at HoopYogini™, we strive to create a positive learning environment. We use positive affirmations to push ourselves and each other to become the best possible version of themselves. An Affirmation, more specifically a positive affirmation, is a statement said within or aloud that affirms a positive belief as true. A positive affirmation will reflect how you want the situation to be, regardless of the current circumstances. Affirmations are very easy to learn and anyone can use them!

The HoopYogini™ practice uses simple but powerful affirmations. Two core statements include:

“Life is AWESOME”

“Oh yes it is”

In the HoopYogini™ practice, these affirmations are introduced in the middle of the Spinal Awakening Series after practitioners have had the chance to be mindful and present. In this state they are able to receive the powerful statement, “life is awesome” and to affirm it by replying “oh yes it is”. The hula hoop is used as metaphor: as you lift up your hoop, you lift up your life; as you lower the hoop down, you integrate this belief into your journey.

Some examples of affirmations are:

  • “I honor my life path and recognize that everything is working out for my higher good”
  • “Happiness, love, and laughter flow freely from me and to me”
  • “I am a prosperous, successful business person and I have more than I need”
  • “I attract and create the most magical fulfilling life ever”
  • “All aspects of my life are harmonious and balanced”
  • “It is my dominate intent to feel good”

Never get too down on yourself when it comes to progression of any kind, especially your hoop journey. The hula hoop is meant to be a tool to practice a mindful, moving meditation. If you ever find yourself feeling not quite good enough, recite these affirmations to remind yourself that you are good enough. Stay positive and growth will happen.


Another incredibly powerful transformative tool that incorporates affirmations is called Ho’oponopono. It is structure around four statements which can be said in any order:

  • “I’m sorry”
  • “Please forgive me”
  • “I love you”
  • “Thank you”

Each statement allows you to reframe the situation and to affirm your desire and love. 

By saying…

  • “I’m sorry” one accepts whatever part they played in the matter.
  • “Please forgive me” one asks the universe for healing.
  • “Thank you” one shoes gratitude and surrenders to the universe.
  • “I love you” one affirms the highest human emotion- LOVE.

Any of these statements can be elaborated on to be more specific and more relevant to your situation. For example, let’s say you have a friend that you were once very close with, but for some reason you have never heard from them even the few times you reached out.

“Beloved friend (or use their name),

I’m sorry if I did something to push you away, or make you feel like you couldn’t reach out to me. Please forgive me if I wasn’t there when you needed me. I love you for all the good times we have had together and for the part you have played in who I am today. Thank you for shining your light in my life.”

This technique is so powerful when used consistently and consciously. As Buddha said, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” Learn to master your thoughts and you will be the master of your life.

Here at HoopYogini™, we strive to create a positive learning environment. We use positive affirmations to push ourselves and each other to become the best possible version of themselves.

How did you like this weeks topic? Do you use positive affirmations in your every day life? Share with us your experiences in the comments below. Get your friends involved in the conversation by sharing on your social media outlets!


spinal awakening affirmation

“Everyone is doing their best from their current level of consciousness.”

—Deepak Chopra


Written by: Erin Wood

Erin is a certified HoopYogini instructor who enjoys sharing her love for Hoop Yoga with as many souls as she can. She is dedicated to her mind and body! Show her some love by sharing and discussing this article.

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