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HoopYogini™ Instructor Spotlight – Angelica Donatella

Sep 05, 2019

We celebrate Angelica Donatella as she takes the next steps on her HoopYogini™ journey!



Angelica Duggan Spotlight


Angelica Donatella

How did you discover hooping? 

Back in 2003 when I went to Shambhala music festival for the first time, I saw some magical hula girls in the Fractal Forest.  I didn’t start hooping until 2008, though. I had a boyfriend at the time who was a poi spinner, and I wanted to do something other than read books while he practiced. Hooping soon turned into my obsession, and I actually made my first hoop— an LED hoop from an online DIY store.

What do you love about hooping and what has it meant for you? 

I love hooping because it puts me into a flow state—also known as a meditative state.  It has helped me unwind after stressful days, and it has helped me begin my days with inspiration and gratitude.  I love sharing hooping with people, and I love being able to witness the joy that it brings them.  The hula hoop has really become a safe space for me, and we have seen many places together.  I guess you could say my hoop has been there for me through all the highs and lows.

What do you love about HoopYogini™?    

Yoga and hooping have given me so much body awareness, confidence, and a profound peace.  I think HoopYogini™ allowed me to see my strengths and weaknesses in a different way.  It has given me an opportunity to really slow down and be mindful in a time in my life when I really needed it.  Being a new mother forced me to remember what was truly important and let go of my ego.  I still struggle with this at times, but I find that being in the center of my hoop, and focusing on breath, is often all I need to be re-energized.

What do you love most about teaching?

Sharing my knowledge, and learning from others.  It is a give and take, but I really feel like I am the one learning the most.  I love sharing HoopYogini™ because it is such a fresh perspective, but also a timeless one—and everyone loves it!

Angelica Duggan Quote

Give us a sense of your background or approach with teaching: 

I have taught classes and workshops locally and abroad, but it got to a point where I felt like my flow was at a stand still.  I began to feel small compared to some of the amazing hoopers I was starting to see around me.  After I had my baby,  (he is now 3), I had to remind myself of the real reason I hula hooped—-not for others, or to be the best, but because I was just able to be me and carefree.

HoopYogini™ has a lot more to offer than just tricks and keeping active.  It gives a person mental stamina and clarity while connecting them to their breath and awareness.  Each person has different needs, so it is important to meet people where they are at when it comes to teaching.  The HoopYogini™ practice is great because it can be tailored to all levels and pretty much any age. I am super excited to be teaching workshops locally this summer, here in the Kootenays!  I feel like my certification as a HoopYogini™ instructor will continue to bring me many opportunities, and incredible new connections along the way.

Share your message, values, and aspirations as a teacher and hooper:

“Share the hoop love with the world, no matter how that may be.  Share your talents and insights to help others. Bring people together.”


Did you like Angelica’s story? Are you interested in becoming a Certified HoopYogini™ instructor? We would love to hear from you in the comments. Also, check out the HoopYogini™ Teacher Training program below!

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