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What Do Babies and Hula Hoops Have in Common?

Sep 05, 2019

HoopYogini Practitioners and Certified Instructors share their insights on the joyful innocence that babies and hula hoops inspire.

The presence of a child brings about joy as well as unity within families and communities and so does the hula hoop. Isamar Gonzalez 

Intrigue, curiosity, joy. At least that’s what I see in Lauren’s eyes when she’s watching me Hoop. Sarah McIntire


Babies can keep you spinning, like a hoop  Jennyfer Rowe


The freedom to move and express yourself with no inhibitions, an enjoyment with the ability to Explore. Babies just are this way. In the hoop, The Circle of Life, it allows us to return to this movement of freedom in a dance of pure Joy from the Soul ~ 😄❤🙏 Betsaida Velez


I love that very young children approach the hoop with no presumtpions, judgements of expectations. They freely manipulate the hoop however they like. rather than expecteing that they need to be able to keep up on their waste to be hooping. Children remind me that the hoop, like its infinite shape, can be used in infinite ways. This post makes me think about when I find myself on a crowded subway and everyone just looks as miserable as the next person, but when a baby comes on, all starry eyed and adorable, you notice people just look and smile at the sweet baby. Its like being reminded of the innocence and beauty and simplicity of things. When I see my nephews it is so refreshing. I look at them and I see the infinitie possibilities and potential. And now I notice I kind of feel the exact same way when I look at a hula hoop.  Little Flower


Babies are whole in their understanding of life and themselves. The Hoop is a symbol of wholeness and all that we are. Babies are new but carry ancient wisdom. The hoop represents the beginning and the ending.  Christina Pearce


Beginners mind – learning things and new skills for the first time.  Jocelyn Gordon

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