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Continuing Education for Hoopers by Heather Says

Sep 05, 2019
When I first began hooping, it was all I could think of. I spent numerous hours watching every video tutorial I could find and searching for classes in an attempt to learn it all. But the learning never ceases. Everyday someone is combining new moves, creating new moves, and using their creativity to invent ways to use the hoop that I never could have dreamed of.


After I began teaching hoop dance several years ago, I initially thought, “Hey, I’m done!”  I knew my focus would change to helping my students become the best hoopers they could be. But, I was far from learning everything about the hoop that there was. And when you’re an instructor – your students depend on you to be all knowing about the subject. That’s such a wonderful gift, because even if you’re not keen on double hoops, breaks and paddles, etc., you know you have a responsibility to learn. 


While I had taken many, many yoga classes, I never really felt as attached to it as I did to hooping. But when I first learned of the HoopYoginiTM program, I knew it was what I was looking for, and I knew I wanted to become an instructor. I had no idea then just how much.  The beauty of hatha yoga, the hoop, and mindfulness meditation, combined, has revived my love of learning and continuing my growth as an instructor. 


My number one advice to hoop dancers, and hoop dance instructors, is always to continue educating yourself.
 When your student wants to show a new move to the class, encourage them. When workshops come to town, go to them. Keep searching for new videos, keep combining the hoop into other practices, keep meeting new people and learning from them. There is no end game in hooping or yoga, enjoying the practice is its own reward.


Heather Says is a Louisiana born, Texas living, hoop dance instructor and HoopYogini™ Master Trainer apprentice. She added “relearn to hula hoop” to a list of things she wanted to do before turning 30, and by that birthday she was an instructor. In addition to Hooping and Yoga, she loves burlesque, sitcoms, and adventure. Find Heather at HoopCubed.

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