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How To Create A Hoop Dance Community – with Cassandra Bauman

Sep 05, 2019

Creating a hoop community is such a beautiful thing but can feel like a daunting task when faced with it on your own. In this series we will be sharing the experiences and tips from HoopYogini™ practitioners and teachers around the world.

Cassandra Community

We asked our instructors a few questions about the hoop community where they are located and this is what Cassandra had to say..

Cassandra Bauman

Facebook: Juice’Y Hoops

Location: Spring Lake AB Canada

Certification: Hoop Play Level 1 and enrolled in the 200 Hour HoopYogini™ Online Teacher Training

Describe the hoop community where you live:

There are a few hundred hoopers in the hoop community in Edmonton, which is the city I would be closest to. Currently, I am one of the only hoop instructors west of Edmonton. The Edmonton community consists of a wide variety of flow artists and seems to be led by a few key individuals. I’ve been trying to recreate that feeling closer to home, introducing hoop to as many people as possible and bringing play back into others lives.

Do you host weekly events (classes, jams, etc)?

I am enrolled in the HoopYogini™ Online Teacher Training and I am currently certified to teach Hoop Play. Hoop Play is a low impact 50 minute workout that incorporates the fundamentals of waist hooping. This class structure seems to be attracting women 30 years and older. It brings the joy of hooping to a group of people that aren’t exposed to the flow arts in their daily lives. I host two classes every week.

How did you get them started?

I started advertising the hoops I make through Facebook. I approached a local fitness facility that I had attended classes in the past at and asked if I could host some hoop classes there. I utilized my outgoing personality and free online advertising as ways to promote my new business. I brought my hoop with me everywhere and tried to mention what I was doing it in every conversation that I had throughout my day. My biggest supporter is a woman I met at a gas station, I hooped for her in the store after filling up my truck one day. Everyone is a potential client.

Does your community put on events, such as workshops, flow jams, etc?

There are workshops and events that I can attend in the nearest city, I have found that my clientele isn’t willing to travel as far as I am for hoop related events. At this point I have access to four other instructors that host weekly classes. Our winters here are very long and cold so outdoor events are seasonal and I often have to travel hours to attend them.

What are the positive benefits of cultivating a hoop community?

Having a support system in any avenue in life is vital to success. We are stronger united than apart and I am truly excited and ready for the challenge of creating a local hoop community. I have found that my hoop practice has grown so much since I began hosting classes, having others involved is such a motivator to keep growing.

What challenges have you come across in cultivating a hoop community? How have you overcome them?

I think my biggest challenge is retaining students, the economy isn’t the greatest at this point in time and people don’t seem to have as much disposable income. I’ve overcome this challenge by partnering with a facility that’s already established, I work for an hourly rate and in exchange I have access to all of her business tools. This has allowed me to keep costs down for students. It can also be a challenge to keep people engaged, but I do my best to inspire their flow.

What tips and encouragement can you share with our readers?

Never give up and always keep a positive outlook. I’ve had classes where I’ve only had one attendee and at first I was discouraged but that one beautiful soul ended up being a huge supporter that promoted my classes to all of her friends.


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