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Creating a Hoop Dance Community

Sep 05, 2019

We asked our instructors a few questions about the hoop dance community where they live and this is what Erin Renee Wood had to say..

Erin Wood 

Erin Wood Hoop Community Facebook

Location: Chico, California

Certification: Certified in the Spinal Awakening Series and currently enrolled in level 1 certification for HoopYogini™; Beachbody Coach

Describe the hoop community where you live:

We have a pretty good size hoop community here in Chico. It is a college town so we have a lot of young people who live here while going to school. The community has grown a lot in the last couple of years! The community is a mix of hoopers and other flow artists. It is not uncommon to see poi, staff, levi wand, etc. at the flow jams.

Do you host weekly events (classes, jams, etc)?

I do not personally host weekly events. However there is a weekly gathering of
Hoopers that happens are Lower Bidwell Park (near the university) and some individuals do host flow jams at their homes.


Does your community put on events, such as workshops, flow jams, etc?

There is a large yoga community here in town so occasionally yoga studios will spotlight Hoopers and host a workshop. There is a lady in town named Meg Amor that teaches hoop dance and workshops.

What are the positive benefits of cultivating a hoop community?

Creating a hoop community is awesome because it brings people together for a common goal: PLAY! Once we reach “adult” age, it becomes more and more rare that people gather together to play. It’s a great way to have genuine connection with someone who you otherwise may have never hung out with!

What challenges have you come across in cultivating a hoop community? How have you overcome them?

Well to be honest, I don’t think I really have cultivated a hoop community, rather I have dipped my toes into the existing community when the time felt right, (introvert struggles). But I’m lucky that I have one hoop friend (shes my little hoop fairy protégé haha) and she has the cutest sweetest bubbliest personality and she meets all the flow artists! I can be friends with them through association. I am currently overcoming my introvert tendencies in order to open up and connect more with the Chico Flow Community.

What tips and encouragement can you share with our readers?

If you want to become a part of the community, you can pretty much be rest assured that they will welcome you with open arms. If you aren’t quite sure how to plug yourself into that network, start by hopping on facebook and seeing what you come up with. Also certain concerts in your area may attract a “flowy” crowd and be a great place to meet “flowmies.” If your town doesn’t have a large concert venue, there may be a park or nightclub/bar that has gatherings.

Check out our Spotify Playlist- “Creating Community”!


Are you part of a hoop community?

Are you creating one?

Share with us your thoughts, experiences and questions.

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