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Hoop Community

Sep 05, 2019

We asked our instructors a few questions about the hoop community where they are located and this is what Heather had to say..

Heather Says 

Community Heather Says

Facebook: Hoop Cubed

Location: Houston, Texas

Certification: HoopYogini™ Master Trainer, HoopCubed Founder, HoopCity Certified, Punk Rock Hoops Certified, Hoopnotica Certified

Describe the hoop community where you live:

It has grown leaps and bounds since I started 7 years ago. There are multiple groups now (as expected in the 4th largest US city), and most include all variations of flow arts.

Do you host weekly events (classes, jams, etc)?

Yes! HoopDance, which focus on tricks and flow, and HoopYogini™. Now that Spring is upon us, weekly hoop jams will be back soon!

How did you get them started?

When I became certified to teach hooping in 2011, I approached as many dance and yoga studios as I could, and chose Om Loka Yoga (formerly Yoga Studio of The Woodlands) and have been there ever since. For hoop jams, it’s all about pushing them on Instagram, Facebook,, and Twitter. When people see others hula hooping in the park, they always want to join in! It’s a great way to build community and make friends.

Does your community put on events, such as workshops, flow jams, etc?

Yes! There are multiple groups that host instructors from all over the world and hold hoop jams. We’ve had Babz Robinson, Rachel Lust and more.

What are the positive benefits of cultivating a hoop community?

Learning from one another and creating lifelong connections.

What challenges have you come across in cultivating a hoop community? How have you overcome them?

Houston is massive in size, so it’s hard to get everyone together in one location since. Starting a community in my own area of the city has been a great way to introduce flow arts to people who may not venture to other parts of town so often.

What tips and encouragement can you share with our readers?

Keep at it! Sometimes you’ll have a lot of people show up for flow jams, sometimes you’ll just have a couple. Also, not everyone is positive and friendly, rise above it.

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Are you part of a hoop community?

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