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10 Ways To Find Your Flow In Your Hoop

Sep 05, 2019

Are you feeling stuck in the same old flow?

We get it. Sometimes you find yourself doing the same tricks over and over again and it can feel like your flow is stuck in a continuous hoop-loop! No worries, it happens to even the most experienced hoopers. Luckily, we found the 10 best ways to get out of “groundhog day” Hooping and into an inspired flow!
Here’s how we at HoopYogini™ recommend you get your groove back.

Find Your Flow

1. Cut the Music 

I’m certain that you have the BEST taste in music, no doubt! But sometimes your awesome music might be distracting you from dropping into a state of flow. Take a moment to just BE with your hoop in silence.

2. Change Directions

Give the hoop a spin in your opposite current and see what happens. Hooping in your opposite current might give you a new perspective. It will certainly challenge your coordination, and therefore get you “out of the head and into the body.”

3. Hands Off Buddy!

Woah, woah, watch your hands there pal! With 147,893 hoop tricks (and counting!) things can get pretty techy, and pretty handsy. Bringing the hoop on body and can help you connect with the rhythmic nature of the hoop, hence helping you find your flow. Challenge yourself to hoop on-body only without using your hands.

4. Get Down with Your Bad Self

No seriously, take a sec to ground yourself by sitting on the floor. Isolations, shoulder hooping, and breaks can be even more challenging while on your seat. As a result, the perspective change can snap you right out of your rut.

5. Give Your “Strong Arm” a Break

Try some of those go-to tricks with your non-dominate hand. Take a few minutes to notice what you feel in your body. When you switch back to your dominate hand you’ll be feeling like a pro!

6. Take a Chill Pill

We get it. You’ve got tricks for days. You’re a regular hoop ninja. But sometimes simplifying your flow can add grace and allow space for your creativity to blossom. Try changing speed, getting back to the basics like waist hooping, or simple moves like sustained spinning or orbitals.

7. Swap Your Hoop (or Add a Second One)

Remember your first hoop? It misses you. It gets that you’re growing up and maturing as a Hooper but it still needs love! Often your first hoop will be the biggest heaviest hoop you have which makes it great for learning new tricks. Plus a little nostalgia never hurt anyone. Or if you really want to challenge yourself, add a second hoop and give doubles a try!

8. Stretch it Out

Never underestimate the power of stretching! Stretching will help you improve your range of motion and bring fluidity and grace to your hoopdance. Find a HoopYogini™ video to stretch the chest and shoulders and move the spine through its full range of motion.


Seriously, hooping should never be a source of suffering. If you find yourself stuck, frustrated, disappointed or down right pissed, take a little break. Drop the hoop and dance it out. Step outside or some fresh air; or if you are outside, go in for a water break or a snack.

10. “Centered Pose”

This is the foundational pose of the HoopYogini™ practice. Much like Tadasana in traditional Hatha yoga, Centered Pose brings you into the present moment.  Centered Pose, AKA posture of present moment awareness improves posture, opens the heart center, and creates space throughout the entire upper body all the way down to the fingertips. Taking a few deep breaths in Centered Pose is a powerful way to root yourself in the center of your personal Universe and to tap into your infinite creativity.

Author, Erin Renee Wood

We hope that at least one of these techniques helps you ascend from any rut you may fall into throughout your hoop journey.


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