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Free Gifts From The Hoop Well Luminaries

luminaries the hoop well Sep 21, 2019


Day 1- Dr. Jinju Dasalla

GIFT: Aloha Flow Poi instructional series, NaiAsana meditation + the opportunity to win a set of poi or a coaching session with Dr. Jinju

Go to and send Jinju a message through her site contact form. Let her know that you saw her interview on #thehoopwell and she will send you the above gifts plus enter you in a drawing to win a coaching session.

Last day to enter is Wednesday, September 25.


Day 2  - Michelle McCoy

GIFT: Essential Oils for Wellness and Flow


Day 3- Deanne Love

GIFT: Dance Your Feelings: 30 Day Activation 


Day 3- Melinda Rider

GIFT: Hoopmakers University: All you need to get started making hoops


Bonus - Jocelyn Gordon | HoopYogini™
GIFT: Learn Centered Pose and How To Hoop Like a HoopYogini


Bonus- Adriana Carballo 

GIFT: Activate Happiness and Connection in Your Family through circles, movement, gratitude and play


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