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What Size Hula Hoop Should I Use?

hooping hula hoop hula hoops Aug 19, 2019

Size really does matter!
Ha ha!!!

The size of your adult hula hoop is a very important feature for your hooping success.

Many who return to hula hooping as an adult, pick up a kid’s hoop at a party or picnic.

They get in the hoop and wonder why they can’t keep it up – “I was great at this as a kid.”

The experience can jostle the ego and can create a feeling of defeat.

We’re here to help!

Below are some quick tips on how to pick the perfect size for your hooping and daily HoopYogini™ practice.

Beginners/New Hoopers – How To Find Your Perfect Fit:

1.  Size – Ideally, you want a hoop size/diameter that when you place the hoop vertically on the ground and at your feet, the top of the hoop touches your belly button.  If the hoop goes a half an inch to a full inch above your navel, that’s fine too.  You just don’t want anything lower than your navel.

2.  Weight – Avoid any hoop more than 2 lbs. It is common to bruise at the beginning of your hoop journey. This is due to pushing too hard which can be a result of waking up previously under-used muscles and motions.  Hoops over two pounds can exacerbate bruising and lengthen healing time.  It’s also dangerous when you start to bring the hoop in your hand to lift the hoop off the body.  If you’re developing body awareness, a heavy hoop can lead to injury.  For your HoopYogini™ practice, I recommend a hoop weight in the 1lb to 1.5 lbs range.

3.  Texture – Go smooth. Avoid the ridged, bumpy hoops (usually marketed for weight loss or acupressure). These are very heavy and unfriendly to the body.

The Official, HoopYogini™ Recommended Hoop:

Introducing the a 7/8″ line of colored and natural polypro!
Perfect for beginners, people who love to body rock, and those who just love thicker hoops that are still fluid and strong.

Every hoop comes with a standard push button/rivet connection. This means you can coil down your hoop for ease of travel.

Available in 38” and 40” (Shorter Arms – 38” | Long Arms – 40”). You can also purchase and state in notes your desire for a larger hoop. Get yours here!


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