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Required Reading - HoopYogini™ Online Teacher Training Level 1

dance hatha yoga hoopyogini online teacher training hula hooping hyott meditation mindfulness mindfulness meditaiton required reading yoga yoga teacher training Jul 01, 2019

I LOVE that you are ready to embark on the lifestyle and leadership certification journey of the HoopYogini™ Online Teacher Training! Not only will you learn how to guide movement meditation experiences that exquisitely merge hula hooping with Hatha Yoga, mindfulness meditation and dance, you will also discover how to live from your center, breathe with more depth and appreciate life with more fullness.  And, yes of course, dance with more grace and confidence! 

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The following  books are resources to support you in integrating hoop instruction with knowledge of the Seven Holistic Components Of HoopYogini™:

  1. Breath & Body
  2. Spine & Movement
  3. Energy & Intention
  4. Meditation & Integration
  5. Language & Leadership
  6. Sets & Sequences: Vinyasas
  7. Alchemy & Flow

Your exploration of these components will be subtly and directly communicated in your classes and will provide a wealth of context to enrich your instruction, efficacy, potency and personal practice.

In addition, your HoopYogini™ facilitation will stand out as a holistic fitness practice that provides a dynamic and effective workout benefiting all levels of being - physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual.

Required Reading

Each weekly lesson will tell you specific pages to read that relate to the theme / content of the week.

The Hoop & The Tree and Yoga: Discipline of Freedom: The Yoga Sutra Attributed to Patanjali are to be read immediately and in their entirety.  These are key and foundational books supporting your understanding and communication of the HoopYogini™ curriculum. Contact Chris directly to purchase this book: [email protected] Let him know that Jocelyn and HoopYogini™ directed you to this fantastic exploration!


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali provides lessons on the true meaning of yoga, the path to achieving yoga, as well as, the obstacles and gifts met along the way. This book is or should be required reading for all practitioners and teachers of yoga. You may be surprised on what this wisdom text shares and how it may shatter your previous notion or understanding of Yoga. In the HoopYogini™ Online Teacher Training, you will need to complete a sutra assignment towards your certification.




My favorite chapter in this book is about breathing. Leslie Kaminoff does a great job of explaining the process of breathing from the perspective of musculature awareness, shape change and prana - the subtle life force that infuses all matter. An understanding of this process will help you guide students into a full bodied breath that shifts the mind out of stressed states and supports safe, dynamic and fluid movement.




This is a favorite from my Massage Therapy training years ago in 1997. The Anatomy Coloring Book is a wonderful way to calm the mind (mind coloring!) and to learn about the placement and functions of organs and systems in your body.

We have a vibrant and committed training tribe looking forward to meeting you! Your mentor awaits to be your guide and cheerleader on this journey.  I am personally looking forward to you finding your voice as a teacher guiding thousands into their centered peace and embodied bliss.



Order the books above and start reading! We only open enrollment twice a year so stay tuned on the next enrollment dates for the HoopYogini™ Online Teacher Training. Feel free to email me with your questions: [email protected] 

With Love,

Jocelyn Gordon, Creator of HoopYogini™ & Bhakti Boogie® Yoga 


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